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Do I need a permit to build a garden?

Member training yesterday on the basics of the Building Regulations and how they apply to landscape design and construction. This is something that everyone working in the industry should know and the public should be aware of – simple question “do I need a building permit?” If the answer is yes then you need to factor in time and some extra money for necessary reports such as an engineers report or a soil report. Run the risk of building a landscape without a permit and you could find it having to be demolished at your expense. And don’t believe the neighbours won’t dob you in! Particularly relevant when constructing decks, fences, pergolas and installing water tanks. Ask your landscaper –  do I need a permit? are you licensed? Key questions to achieve a beautiful result!

Jenny Smith Gardens wins gold in Singapore

Landscaping Victoria members Jenny Smith Gardens did themselves and the Australian landscaping community proud with a gold medal win at this months Singapore Garden Festival, Asia’s equivalent of the Chelsea Flower Show. Andrew Seccull and the team at JSG were the only Australian company invited to exhibit at Singapore together with representatives from 9 other countries.

Their winning concept was to create a tranquil, resting place for Mazu the Goddess of the Sea featuring a grove of sacred banyan trees, massed orchids and a gold tiled water trough for water lillies.

Congratulations guys.

Jenny Smith Gardens’ gold medal winning garden

Husqvarna Global Garden Report

Been reading the Husqvarna Global Garden Report 2012 and highly recommend it to anyone who works or is interested in the landscape and horticulture industries. The report outlines research completed around the world on the benefits that green spaces bring to the urban environment. Innovative programs such as New York’s Greenstreets program, Montreal and Copenhagen’s programs to convert underutilised city areas into pockets parks and Singapore’s City in the Garden program. And best of all the report emphasises the importance of maintenance in maximising the myriad of benefits to urban dwellers. As the world’s populations grow and more green space is being lost to urbanisation it is encouraging to know that this research confirms what we in the industry know – that green space has environmental, emotional, psychological, social and economic benefit to cities and people. Well done to Husqvarna for commissioning this report.

Phillip Johnson off to Chelsea with Wes Fleming 2013

Phil revealed his Chelsea design to Chisholm TAFE students last week and in typical Phil style nothing is done by halves! Imagine a billabong in the NT crossed with a Phil Johnson flourish and you’re half way there. This will be Wes’s eighth foray at the famous garden show and to date, likely to be the biggest. Follow Phil’s journey to Chelsea at

Children’s Garden for Gaza Strip

Landscaping Victoria has joined with Moira Kelly to help realise her dream for creating a children’s garden for the children of Palestine. This has been a project ten years in the making and is now one step closer with a large plot of land being set aside by the people of Gaza for such a garden. Andrew Laidlaw, designer of the fabulous Ian Potter Children’s Garden in Melbourne is developing the brief that will see a beautiful natural garden being created that families can visit and spend time together in and will act as a garden of hope for all people of Gaza. Turning Moira’s dream into reality will be a logistical challenge. Team member Philip Sacca is currently in Gaza  and while there will be gathering information for Andrew’s brief and appointing a local project manager for the garden.